Tips to Fix Leaky Pipe and Burst Pipe

Leaky, broken, and burst pipes are common causes of water damage in Montreal. When dealing with burst pipe in Montreal, it is always good to have some basic knowledge on how to handle pipe leaks and keep the possible damage under control. You will save yourself a lot of panicked calls to emergency hotlines if you know these useful tips. The next time you suspect pipe leaks or when one of your major pipes actually springs one, here are some things you should do:

The first step is to locate your water supply valve and switch your water flow off. This will prevent water from further spilling out from the damaged pipe. If you are unsure where the leak is coming from, it might be smart to lower the water pressure and locate the leak first before cutting your water supply completely. Major leaks are quite easy to locate as they often cause huge springs.

To repair the damaged pipe, take your pipe repair clamp (it pays having several of these on hand, especially when your plumbing system is prone to bursting pipes, such as in climates where frozen pipes are common) and apply them according to package instructions.

You may also apply other temporary repairs like securing the leaky pipe with some type of sealant or installing a temporary replacement tube for the damaged or burst pipe in Montreal. These quick fixes are often enough to restore your water supply, although professional repair will still be needed to prevent further water damage and restore your water supply system to normal function.

Call up a water damage service company in Montreal to help with the cleanup and restoration of your property in case of a major breach to your water supply lines. Flooding due to burst pipes or leaky plumbing are quite common causes for water damage in the home or in places of business. When this happens, you need a professional service to help restore the safety of your premises and keep your property from the negative implications of water damage like mold growth and structural deterioration.

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