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Practically all the residents of Montreal rely on piped water and piped drainage systems and, while this might be more than just a convenience, this can pose a serious problem whenever the pipes burst. Unfortunately, the problem of burst pipes in Montreal is more common than you may have been led to believe. This problem is particularly more common during the cold months of winter when temperatures can fluctuate quite unpredictably. During the cold winter months, the water in the pipes is usually made to freeze. However, water does not freeze the same way as other liquids do- instead of compressing when it freezes, it does just the opposite and expands. But because of the constricted nature of the pipes, there is no room for the freezing water to expand into and, as a result, the pressure that builds up inside the pipes causes them to burst. This eventually results in overflow of water in the house since the pipes are blocked.

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Flooding due to blocked pipes can also be a result of clogging of the pipes by the roots of trees which grow over or near the pipes. Whatever the cause of the flooding might be, the fact remains that you have to deal with the problem within the shortest time possible. You not only have to deal with the burst pipe itself, but you also have to get rid of the flooding water and also repair any damages that might have resulted from the flooding. At water Damage Montreal, we provide emergency water damage Montreal services for homes in and around the area that are facing water damage as a result of burst pipes. Our emergency response teams can be with you to provide quality water damage restoration Montreal services within 45 minutes from the time you get in touch with us about your problem.

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